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Ordinary middle-aged man Cheng Yong (Xu E decoration) runs a health food store, frustrated and divorced. The unexpected visitor Lu Benefit (Wang Chuanjun decoration) opened up a new business of buying medicine for “buy on behalf” in India. Although it was difficult, he found business opportunities in this “buy medicine road” and became the exclusive agent of Indian generic medicine for treating CML. At the same time, he also knew several patients and their families. In order to save his daughter’s wisdom of being a dancer (Tan Zhuo decoration), Pastor Liu (Yang Xinming decoration), who spoke fluent “priest’s voice” English, and the fierce “yellow hair” (Zhang Yu decoration), several people started a business together, and their profits doubled while they were in danger. Police officer Cao, Cheng Yong’s former brother-in-law, was ordered to investigate the origin of generic drugs on Monday. Fake drug dealer Zhang Changlin (Wang Yanhui) and Swiss real-brand medical representative Li Naiwen (Li Naiwen) were also keen on Cheng Yong. Business gradually turned into a tug-saw battle about redemption.

This film is adapted from the real story of Lu Yong, a patient with CML, who purchased anticancer drugs on his behalf.

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