Domestic na Kanojo |2019

Domestic na Kanojo 

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Fujii Xiasheng (eighth generation dubbing) lost his mother when he was young, so he was full of longing for older women. Once, on the roof of the school, Xia Sheng met an English teacher, Tangerine Yangcai (Rili Yangzi dubbing). The gentle figure of Yangcai deeply attracted Xia Sheng and made him fall in love unconsciously. However, Xia Sheng knew that it was impossible for him and his teachers to achieve results, so he vented his depression into the friendship activities.

At the party, Xia Sheng met a girl named Yoshida (Narita dubbing). On that day, Yoshida dedicated his first time to Xia Sheng. Afterwards, Xia Sheng’s father told him that he was going to remarry, and the woman would take her two daughters to live in Xia Sheng’s home. To Xia Sheng’s surprise, these two girls are Yang Cai and Rong Yi.

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