Ieuru onna |2016

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As the Olympic Games in Tokyo get closer and closer, the price of Tokyo’s land is soaring, and the real estate industry is in a hot period that has not been seen for a long time. In a corner of a city, he runs a real estate company which seems to be a good company. The president of the company (Zhongcun Heng decoration) is one of the bad guys. He has already passed the stage of desperate desperation for his career. Therefore, except for the handsome young man Zu Licong (Chiba Xiong decoration), most of his staff are mixed with dead or incompetent waste wood. On this day, the legendary sales genius Sanxuan Wanzhi (Beichuan Jingzi decoration) was sent by the headquarters to act as the company director. It is said that there is no house that can not be sold in Sanxuan’s house. Her achievements make her colleagues stunned.

The courtyard with zero sales performance (Kondo Ashuka decoration) is forced to partner with Sanxuan’s director, and he will see the godlike side of this devil woman…

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