A woman who sells a house|2019

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The play is a sequel to the Japanese drama “The Women Who Sell Houses” in 2016. It tells the story of the talented real estate practitioner Sanxuan Wanzhi who successfully sold the right house to customers.
Tokyo, 2016 and summer in which the competition of heavy houses is being carried out ahead of four years after Tokyo Olympics. The director of the sales department, tairo Yabu (Tao Nakamura), a full-fledged real estate company, said, “teiko real estate” is holding a head for sales. In the meantime, the sales of the former housewife, Kazutomo Kitagawa (Keiko Kitagawa), changed the sales of the former store to double. I don’t have a house that can’t sell me, “she says, sometimes dynamically, sometimes pushes her house, and takes the rest of her customers into the private sector and resolves the problems they have. Yayoi et aloud in the peculiar way of the wisdom, and her philosophy surely changes the value of the value of the visitor, and leads to happiness.

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