Women’s Secrets|2019

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Fortunately, they met four women who had become good friends – they held women’s meetings frequently, talked happily, and expressed their anger plainly. But in fact, they have serious problems that no one else can say.

Doctor Fragrant Knitting (Kawabata Kyoko decoration) committed suicide because of his unruly relationship. Xiangzhi was suspected of being related to his father’s suicide by his son, Guizhi. However, gradually, the two men became fiercely attracted to each other. Yomi’s husband has become unknown overseas, but recently the death was paid for by an accredited insurance premium. Then, amiable and new men meet and their hearts beat faster because of long-lost love. The company clerk’s wife (metaphysical) decided that the husband who wanted to have children was lazy and made a night’s mistake in the couple’s heart-to-heart interaction. Rich Miss Tree sings about unrestrained love, but meeting lesbian women who are close to marriage is very strong to attract the first pure awakening of love in life.

On the one hand, Xiangzhi indulged in love with Guizhi, on the other hand, he was questioned about the crime of helping Muhu commit suicide. Youmei was involved in a riot over the insurance money left over by her deceased husband, and she was forced to make a bigger decision than divorce. The love of a woman who intends to run through the tree for the first time in her life becomes active. If the future of the four of them is true, will there be a happy ending of “love”?

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