Female researcher, the 19th season|2019

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Has renewed the 19th season.
Today, as crime techniques become more and more sophisticated, the technical requirements for the analysis of criminal police cases and forensers are relatively improved. In order to respond to the spirit of scientific case handling, the police stations in all counties in Japan have a scientific search research institute, referred to as “Science Research”. The business content of “Science Research” includes not only hair, blood, voiceprint, DNA identification, but also lie detection, face recovery and so on. Although they are not on the first line of arresting prisoners, they are important figures in helping to clarify the truth and find the murderer.
The drama is a lively study of the unique so-called Spicy Female Forensic-Truci-Like case, which allows everyone to have a deeper look at the mysterious world of science research.
The protagonist is the forensic researcher of the Kyoto Prefecture Police Science Research Institute. He has a wealth of professional knowledge at work, and he is also different from ordinary people in criminal matters, so he can often crack the odd case smoothly. However, in terms of private life, it is a divorced single woman; because of her stubborn pride and her irritating personality, she has a constant conflict with her colleagues.

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