Natsume’s Book of Friends The Movie: Tied to the Temporal World |2018

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Summer eyesight, living a busy life between people and monsters, occasionally meets with former classmates in the city, thus recalling the bitter memory of being haunted by monsters. At this time, Xia Mu knew Rong Lizhi, a woman who appeared in the monster memory of returning her name. She met Lingzi and now lives a smooth life with her only son, Huaxiong. By communicating with them, Xiamen’s mood became peaceful. But there seems to be a mysterious monster lurking in the town where the mother and son live. After investigating this matter, the “demon seed” parasitized on the cat teacher’s body grew into trees and fruited overnight in Fujimoto’s yard. And the cat teacher who ate the fruit similar to his own shape split into three –!?

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